Yuri Sakakibara 

1. Video/animation
          Queering Temporality
          Me Film

2. Kinetic typography
          Bruin Bash ‘17
          UCLA Exhibition

3. Print
          Where Do the Shadows Go?
          Leisure and Coexistence

4. Etc.
          For Fun

Yuri Sakakibara is a Los Angeles based designer with a BFA from UCLA’s Design | Media Arts program. She is particularly interested in topics pertaining to identity, society, and culture. She often combines the traditional and digital, working in anything from print and typography, to 3D modeling and motion graphics.

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Yuri currently interns at Yours Truly and IN-FO.CO, working on video editing as well as graphic design for promotional material. In the fall of 2018, she executed her 3D modeling and motion graphics skills as a Graphic Design Intern at Use All Five, continuing to freelance afterwards. Her campus job throughout her undergraduate years was at the UCLA International Institute, and she worked as a designer at EvenPrime during the summer of her Junior year. Previous years of her college career consisted of commuting to the studio space of Where It’s Greater during the day, and working as a Print Marketing Director of UCLA’s Campus Events Commission by night.

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Email:  yuri_sakakibara@mac.com