Yuri Sakakibara 

1. Video/animation
          Queering Temporality
          Me Film

2. Kinetic typography
          Bruin Bash ‘17
          UCLA Exhibition

3. Print
          Where Do the Shadows Go?
          Leisure and Coexistence

4. Etc.
          For Fun

Yuri Sakakibara is a Los Angeles based designer with a BFA from UCLA’s Design | Media Arts program. She is particularly interested in topics pertaining to identity, society, and culture. She often combines the traditional and digital, working in anything from print and typography, to 3D modeling and motion graphics.

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    Queering Temporality is a video triptych on the topic of queerness in the context of the artist’s perceived Past, Present, and Future. The installation is made up of three vertically-placed monitors that simultaneously play found and self-recorded footage with reference to LGBTQ+ history, personal memories, and speculative world-building. The three screens are synchronized in a constant loop, paralleling one another in theme or topic, with audio clips of the scenes overlapping to form a convoluted and fused tone. Occasionally scenes of the Past seep into the Future and vice versa, demonstrating the “queering” of a linear understanding of space and time.

(More description in Vimeo link.)

Special thanks to:
Grace Kim Howard,
Akari Takahashi,
Gelare Khoshgozaran,
Sarah Rara,
Jack Turpin,
and Sam Congdon.