Yuri Sakakibara 

1. Video/animation
          Queering Temporality
          Me Film

2. Kinetic typography
          Bruin Bash ‘17
          UCLA Exhibition

3. Print
          Where Do the Shadows Go?
          Leisure and Coexistence

4. Etc.
          For Fun

Yuri Sakakibara is a Los Angeles based designer with a BFA from UCLA’s Design | Media Arts program. She is particularly interested in topics pertaining to identity, society, and culture. She often combines the traditional and digital, working in anything from print and typography, to 3D modeling and motion graphics.

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    Where Do the Shadows Go? is a two-part informational book and personal narrative on the Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bombings in August of 1945.

This book considers these events not only from the perspective of atomic bomb victims, but also evaluates 20th century Imperial Japan from the perspectives of the countries it occupied, seeking to present a nuanced portrait of a complex and painful period of time. Interspersed throughout the historical sections, I also present a third perspective: that of my own, as a Japanese American woman attempting to navigate and reconcile a history that is at once distant and all too close to home, and one that seems to yield no clear-cut answers for someone caught in between.

The passages are each sectioned into numbered topics in the booklet, and have corresponding spray paint paintings as abstract expressions of each sentiment in the larger picture book.

View the full picture book here, and the booklet here.